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HTML Basics

You are able to use HTML in the Community Forum. If you do not know HTML, here is a short list to help you get started. You surround the text you want effected with the <> code. The forward slash “/” means to “end” that effect.





You can simply paste a link into the forum and have it show up as a link that people will click on. However, if you wanted to list the title of the site and have that text be linked (instead of an actual url showing, which is sometimes really long!), then use the above HTML.


An aside, often in chatspeak online, you will see people use the forward slash and a word to mean to end a particular tone of voice. This is commonly used for /sarcasm – also sometimes shown simply as /s.


You can also insert images into posts using HTML, and you can opt to include “alternative text” for people unable to view the image:














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Journaling can be done in several ways, and for several reasons.  People use it for learning, processing information from books, articles, and videos. People also use it for therapy, writing out memories, dreams, current events and feelings, or anything they want to record or process. It can be something they can look back on to find patterns, or look for changes. Continue reading Journaling

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“Oops” Doesn’t Undo Trauma

For 38 minutes the people of Hawaii were traumatized by a false alarm of a missile attack.What happened after they were told that it was a false alarm? Were they simply relieved and happy that it didn’t happen? Or were they also angry, or sad, or maybe even still terrified? Will a sound similar to a siren cause some to jump more than normal? Will news of North Korea cause anxiety or depression?  Continue reading “Oops” Doesn’t Undo Trauma

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This instantly became one of my favorite songs.  I love the message – and when you read the lyrics, you’ll understand why.  However, it is the delivery that has me in awe. I tried to follow along, and had a great time trying (and failing).  See if you can do any better. ~ Tamra

You can find this song and others by Amy Steinberg on Bandcamp.

Lyrics: Continue reading Exactly