Webinar Archives


The webinars we host for this community will be recorded and linked here for you. You are encouraged to make suggestions for future webinars and to even be part of hosting one or more. Types of webinar archives to expect include the following:

Q&A Sessions – you are invited to submit questions and help contribute to answers, or just to hang out and enjoy the conversation.

Topic-Focused – where one or more topics are selected in advance for a presentation, followed by conversation with Q&A.

Guest Presenters – somebody presenting on a topic of interest to the community. This could also include promoting an event, book, or other item; sharing about stories and experiences; or demonstrating a technique (yoga breathing, EFT, art technique, etc.).

Behind the Scenes – usually the livestream of the filming for a class that would be of interest to the community. We get permission – from the expert who is creating a class – to share with you. It is mutually beneficial. You can benefit from the raw materials without having to take the class itself, which is especially important for those with a limited income.  Meanwhile, the expert gets real time feedback and the benefit of having a live audience to speak to.