Curated Websites


The Internet is full of so many resources! Website reviews are shared in the forum or as resource reviews on the main articles page. This list is of the most useful or interesting websites for the community, and you are encouraged to make suggestions or to notify us of broken links.

While we all endeavor to select reputable and helpful resources, you are encouraged to use your own judgement, especially since websites often change!



Psychology Today – Read articles on therapy approaches and types of trauma and abuse, and search for therapists who can help.

Hold On To The Light – Campaign of bestselling authors talking about how mental health issues like depression, suicide, PTSD, anxiety and more continues, with more new posts by authors including Elizabeth Bear, Jennifer St. Giles, Josh Vogt and more.

Coercive Control Collective – The Coercive Control Collective serves as a source of information about the concept of coercive control, including recognizing and sharing the work of thought leaders across the globe. This website includes information intended to explain the concept, including its history, and will advocate for the use of a coercive control framework for understanding extreme forms of abuse across disciplines, including policy initiatives in the United States, and education and prevention efforts.

Spiritual Transition

Child-Friendly Faith Project – a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity that seeks to end religious child maltreatment or RCM by raising awareness of this issue through educational programs that benefit the general public, survivors, professionals, and faith communities.

International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) – provides information on cults, cultic groups, psychological manipulation, psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, brainwashing, mind control, thought reform, abusive churches, high-demand groups, extremism, totalistic groups, new religious movements, alternative and mainstream religions, group dynamics, exit counseling, recovery, and practical suggestions for those affected by or interested in these subjects.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training – this is a fully online course and offered by Dave Potter for free.  While taking a face-to-face course is ideal, this will still give you a solid foundation in MBSR.