Curated Lists


We share resources in the forum, in articles, through webinars that we record and archive, and in online classes.  However, sometimes there are resources we want to keep “at the top” – not at risk of being buried in an old forum post or article.

These curated lists contain the resources people most often recommend to each other. We will continue to add and refine these lists over time, so feel free to give feedback and make suggestions of what we might want to add, including additional categories.


Therapy Resources – Finding therapy resources can be a challenge, especially when you have limitations such as income or the need for a specialty area. The resources here can help you with this search. You are also encouraged to contact us if you know of an additional resource to list here.


Books – Gain affirmation; know you are not alone, and understand what has happened to you. Learn about types of trauma and abuse; understand what is going on in the mind and body when abuse happens; and gain guidance for healing.  Your journey is personal, as will be your personal book collection, but you might find a title or two here that will help.


Articles – While we have helpful articles as a main part of the site, sometimes we want to save the most useful or interesting articles in a place where they won’t get buried over time.  Articles here can range from easy-to-read to scholarly.



Videos – From learning about narcissism to countering the power of shame, the most powerful thing many of these videos do is let you know that you are not alone. They can also give you some insight and inspiration for how to heal and thrive.



Websites – The Internet is full of so many resources! Website reviews are shared in the forum or as resource reviews on the main articles page. This list is of the most useful or interesting websites for the community.