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Journaling can be done in several ways, and for several reasons.  People use it for learning, processing information from books, articles, and videos. People also use it for therapy, writing out memories, dreams, current events and feelings, or anything they want to record or process. It can be something they can look back on to find patterns, or look for changes. Continue reading Journaling

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“Oops” Doesn’t Undo Trauma

For 38 minutes the people of Hawaii were traumatized by a false alarm of a missile attack.What happened after they were told that it was a false alarm? Were they simply relieved and happy that it didn’t happen? Or were they also angry, or sad, or maybe even still terrified? Will a sound similar to a siren cause some to jump more than normal? Will news of North Korea cause anxiety or depression?  Continue reading “Oops” Doesn’t Undo Trauma

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Cognitive Dissonance and Consonance

Cognitive dissonance/consonance theory is basic to understanding human thought and behavior. It describes how our beliefs interact with each other, our resistance to new beliefs, and what dynamics are involved when we do change our beliefs. We experience cognitive dissonance and consonance on a day to day bases as we process all the new information in our mental “inbox”. It not only applies to our spiritual and political beliefs, but also what products we choose to purchase, how we raise our children, where we arrange our furniture, and all other decisions we make both large and small. Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance and Consonance

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This instantly became one of my favorite songs.  I love the message – and when you read the lyrics, you’ll understand why.  However, it is the delivery that has me in awe. I tried to follow along, and had a great time trying (and failing).  See if you can do any better. ~ Tamra

You can find this song and others by Amy Steinberg on Bandcamp.

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